Great Class – Sept 20th! DO IT!

I would normally say that my view of Michael Kostroff may be biased because he is a dear friend, but I can honestly tell you that this post is anything BUT biased.

Michael and I met doing the Les Miserables tour back in 2003. He has remained a close friend over the years even though we weren’t always on the same coast, though we are now! He teaches a class that I FINALLY got around to taking in April of 2013. All I can say is that I should have taken it sooner. It’s called Audition Psych 101. I’m not even sure I’d call it a class. More of a therapeutic play date.

I don’t want to give away too many of his secrets, so I will just direct you to his website at

Next class is this Friday, Sept 20th. All you need to bring is yourself and maybe a notebook. That’s IT. No performing. No casting directors. No 16 bars. Just talking and learning.

Trust me.

Oh, and I will be there. So I mean, double bonus. You get to see me AND learn something.